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How do you find who you are?

The same way you find anything you've lost --just look where you last had it.

The Romans never saw it coming: all roads lead to London.

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leave your identity at the door.
John/Victor - Starship Enterprise

Victor immediately pulled the trigger of the phaser, and his entire body felt the recoil of the unfamiliar weapon, his jaw dropping as he stared at the glowing end before glancing at the man who roughly tugged him along while blasts could be heard behind them from their pursuers, one of which Victor swore had blue skin.

"C’mon, you paid me protect you, not let you get your head blown off because you’re too busy ogling!" John called over his shoulder and Victor thought to make some response, something along the lines of "well, I apologize for only being an Earth businessman whose greatest contact with the Federation is shaking one of their engineering personnel’s hand when they come in for a shipment of gold and is this thing going to stop glowing-” but all he did do was let out an undignified yelp when he bumped into John’s back as he suddenly stopped.

"Welcome," John glanced up at the taller man, "to the Enterprise, Mr. Trevor- better make yourself comfortable, because we’re stowing on," and as he spoke he pulled off his jacket to reveal a blueshirt and Victor could only gape up at the massive starcraft, and he could see John chuckle slightly at his reaction, and squeeze his hand in a way that made him feel oddly warm.

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